Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Blaming the lion for the easy kill

A lot of news is being made this week about teacher pay in Oklahoma.

Let me start off with these admissions:

1:  I am not, nor will ever be a teacher.  Not on your life.  Hitler and Stalin will be riding sleds and having snowball fights in hell before that happens.

2: I do not now, nor have ever lived in Oklahoma

3: I do not have Bachelor Degree, Masters Degree or a PHD.  I dropped out of college after two years with no student debt.

Some of the most influential people in my life were teachers.

I owe some teacher more than I could ever repay (especially to the ones that are dead).

However.  I think we are overlooking an issue here.

How have we let college students graduate with bachelors, masters and phd's when they have no idea of how to shop or or negotiate a job?

Seriously,  who spends the amount of money that it costs to get a degree and then accepts a $24,000 a year job, with your only hope for a raise being a politician's promise?

Where does this make any financial sense?
  • A bachelor's degree program in education typically ranges from $25,000 at state universities to$100,000 or more at private universities. According to a 2010 report by College Board[3] , the average tuition and fees were $7,605 per year for in-state tuition or $19,595 for out-of-state tuition at public colleges and universities. This equals an average cost of $30,400 (resident) or $78,400 (non-resident) for a four-year bachelor's degree, not including room and board, which averages an extra $8,545 per year.
An average of $30,400 for instate, bachelors degree.  So you are in debt more than you make a year. This does not sound like a good deal to me.  But I'm a libertarian capitalist.  

I understand that some do this out of altruism.  Except once you demand pay isn't is less that altruistic?

If someone offers you a bad deal and you take the bad deal, are you not partially to blame?  Do you blame the lion when a gazelle slathers itself its self in steak sauce and climbs into the lions mouth?

I see it like predatory lenders.  If I am offered a short term loan at 50% interest, and I take it, then I am partially at fault.

Now don't get me wrong,  I think we should pay teachers.  They want to do a job that I don't want to do, much like plumbers.  I don't want to be one, but I'm glad they are there when I need them. 

But why are we OK under-educating our college graduates in the way of negotiating?  In negotiating you have got to be ready to walk away if the deal is not right. 

We have done these teachers and disservice twice.  First in college and second in the work place.
However, I was just informed today (if true) that the teachers have not received a raise in 10 years.  What took them so long to walk? Really?  10 years and you continued to think, "this year the promise the reneged on last year will work."? 

Not only do I think they should have walked earlier, they should have never taken the job in the first place! These are supposed to be intelligent people.  Why are we ok with them making emotional pie in the sky decisions? Should'nt we want more from our educators?  Should not we demand logic and reason? If they can't use it in their own finances then how can we expect it in the classroom?

Once again, I think they are right to walk, but they should have walked away from signing the first contract. They really should have walked away after year 4, 5 or 6 after promises of raises fell flat.

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