Monday, April 16, 2018

Best of list!

Sometimes when I am bored, I Google myself. Granted I have to be really bored, but it happens. So imagine my surprise this weekend when I found that the J2cast podcast has made a best of List!

Over at  they put together a list of, “The Best Prepper, Survival, and Self-Reliance Podcasts Worth Listening To”, and we are number 6!

We would like to thank them for the ranking and ask that you, our listeners and readers head over and check them out. They have a nice blog that is full of information and looks great.

Jesse and I have been doing this for a bit under 2 years. We have met some great people and had the opportunity to expand our knowledge while hopefully entertaining you our listeners.We understand that our approach is not the normal approach to prepping / survival podcasts.  We try to keep it upbeat and entertaining. There are others that take a more serious approach and we appreciate their point of view. For the most part this is my fault,  I for one can’t do doom and gloom in large doses.  We tell what are hopefully entertaining and humorous stories, while sometimes getting serious when the circumstance calls for it. If you find this entertaining and enjoy it that's great.  If you find it the wrong tone for the subject, we understand, but please blame me not Jesse. 

To all of you who have been with us, from the beginning or since the last month, thank you.  You have let us keep doing something that let's us embrace a passion, and we hope it brings you something as well. 

It is our hope that you enjoy the podcast and keep listening. Head over to and check them out! Thanks again for listening and giving us this chance to reach out to you. For now keep those emails , Facebook posts and phone calls coming!

find the podcast on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher!

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