Friday, March 9, 2018

Preppers and the media

Preppers have a tendency to distrust the main stream media or just the media in general.
Some say it is because they are controlled by the government, shadow government, the illuminati, George Soros, the military industrial complex, the list goes on and on.

I distrust the media for two reasons.  1. I worked in TV news and you could say, I know how the sausage is made.  2.  It is very hard for people who believe in preparedness to get a fair shake in the news.  Why is that?  Because most of us either don't look to be interviewed, or we are too mundane to hold a reporters interest.  Having worked in the media, I know there is a reason for this.  Laziness, that's right I said it.  Reporters for the most part are either lazy or in a rush for a deadline. Sometimes, both.

I have recorded many interviews with nut jobs, not because they new more, but simply because they were willing to talk.  Why look for a truly concerned citizen when Billy meth head will tell you how the lead in the soil ain't ever effected his brain? His children are just fine even after growing up drinking Crush soda.  You know it's healthy, it has an orange on the can! This lead scare is just a reason for the gov'ment to run us out of our house that we paid $2000 for!  Or we would have paid for if the owner had made us.  Now he just leaves us alone and plans to burn the place when we leave. Sure the floor has holes, but that just makes it easier for the dogs to jump down and kill the opossums! You just have to remember to cook everything low and slow.  Not because its tastes better, but because the adults have lost quite a few teeth.  The tooth loss is due to genetics, not those 2 liter bottles brewing up meth in the back room or the lack of a single tooth brush in the entire house. (True side not, I once recorded an interview for a national show, during which we were attacked by chickens.  We were inside the house.)

It saved effort, time and energy. Instead of researching or knocking on doors, we would just interview who ever jumped in front of the camera thinking they could be important for 1 min 15 seconds that night on the 6pm news.

A local magazine, appropriately named "417 Magazine" has an article on preppers this month.  As usual they found the stereo typical people to interview.  One is a radio host who has just a first name followed by a colon.  He believes this will keep him "out of the system", another is a guy who claims to have designed banking systems and yet another says he was part of the team that declared the US unready for an EMP attack back in the 80's.

That seems to be a common thread amongst these people.  They all believe they are smarter than all the "sheeple" wandering around not expounding their cause to reporters.  They know more than you, but they won't tell you how they know more than you.  Don't ask where they worked, got their degree, or to prove where they live.  For all the reporter knows they could live in a tin foil covered apartment with only enough supplies to last through a marathon viewing of all the Tremors movies.

If you would like to read the article and see what I mean, here is a link:

In view of this, I would like to tell you about myself and what separates me from these people that want to talk all about it, yet tell you nothing about them.  These doomsday prophets who claim unprovable credentials and want to sway you with divine fiat.

I prepare for snow storms, power outages, floods, tornados, and other events.  I prepare with generators, get home bags, stored food and plans. I prepare for these because I have seen them happen.  This gives me a template to work with. The upside it being prepared for these things, also keeps me prepared for the things that make these news preppers as excited as a politician in a room full of lobbyists. I don't know how the world will end or even if it will end.  But I'm as prepared as I can manage without turning my family into paranoid cult people who believe that the world is out to get us.

Here is a quick list of what separates me from the prepping "experts" the media likes to write about and put on shows like "Doomsday Preppers".

My kids are vaccinated, I have been vaccinated, I believe the moon landing happened, I believe that conspiracy theories are more complicated than reality.  I don't believe that Bigfoot is probable (the giant ape man thing, not the truck, I have seen the truck). I don't believe that announcing that keeping myself off the "system" will keep me off the "system".  As a matter of fact, since this article is on the web and his radio show is nation wide, his attempts to "keep off the system" have failed miserably.

Nothing will put you on the government's radar like announcing to world that you don't want the government watching you so you are taking steps to hide.  By announcing in media that you have a determination to stay under the radar, you are making your self as unnoticeable as an evangelist trying to have a bible study in a strip bar during fleet week. You're going to stick out and the people in charge are going to investigate you.

I do however believe, that it is my job to take care of my family.  That means gainful employment. Food for today, tomorrow and next month.  Maybe longer.  I believe in having a plan.  I believe in having a back up plan.  Sometimes I even have a backup to the backup plan.

This is why I prepare.  I prepare for my family and I prepare for the families around me and in my community.   Do I have enough food and water for all of them? Nope, that is up to them.  But I do prepare for my family so that in an event we will not be inline taking anything that could go to help others. I prepare so that while others are figuring out what they are going to eat and how they are going to drink, my family is taken care of.   How much easier would it be is after large events like tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes and the like, a majority said, "We are good, we are self sufficient. Help those that are not."?

I do not believe that the government or whoever may or may not be running the government give a flip about me as long as my taxes are paid and I am not caught breaking a law. I do believe that it is my responsibility as a husband and father to take care of my family.  But, I don't know it all.  I have never worked for the government, I have never engineered anything larger than a local database.  I'm just a guy wanting to take care of me and mine.  What reporter wants to waste time on that, when Bigfoot is faking landing on the moon to get our attention away from the fact that big pharma and is being paid by the illuminati to poison us all with measles vaccinations?

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