Monday, March 26, 2018

Look at those numbers and quake in fear!

Take a look at this graph I found on the CDC website.  It's a government site so you know it's accurate.  Look at the comparison of gun deaths in the US compared to other high income countries!

Amazing isn't it? 

Oh wait, that is for traffic deaths, not gun deaths.  Oops, my bad.  Let me show you the whole thing.
Graphs sure can make things look clear can't they.

Here is some more info:
There were more than 32,000 crash deaths in the US in 2013.
About 90 people die each day in the US from crashes— resulting in the highest death rate among comparison countries.*Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

How do we allow this to continue?  Where is the oversight?  Why is the government not making sure that drunk drivers, high speed drivers, cell phone using drivers and just plain ignorant people who don't pay attention are stopped from driving cars?

Better yet, why would anyone get in a car and risk being one of the 90 people a day killed on the road?  

We need common sense vehicle control.  Do you really want a suicidal or crazy person driving?  How about someone who has different religious views?  How about a person with a known drinking or drug problem?  Why isn't there a metal health evaluation before someone is allowed to purchase a 4000 pound, 100 horse power metal and glass death machine with a high capacity fuel tank?

Other countries don't kill as many people with cars!  Other countries don't have as many alcohol related accidents! No wait, Canada shows more.  Good thing they have gun control so they can keep people alive long enough to kill each other on the roads, eh?

Some would say we should follow the other countries.  They have fewer vehicle deaths. Let's do it how they do it!

I agree.  

First thing we should do is reduce roads.  We have far too many miles of roads.  More open roads mean more chances of bad things happen.  You know what cuts down on accidents? Grid lock.  Hard to wreck when your are sitting still. 

Second thing is require public transportation or walking / bicycling.  I hear in England they have entire towns closed off to cars.  Sure they claim it's because the town is old and the roads are small and the traffic will damage the buildings.  And this is probably true.  But we can claim that too!  Granted we tear down buildings when the are 60+ years old and replace them with ugly metal buildings, but who cares?  We are saving lives here!  Many countries on this list have public transportation that will get you where you need to go.  No problem there, I love cheap, and I would love to read on my way to work.  So let's raise some taxes and make more public transportation.
I have visited cities and used buses and subways.  Nothing wrong there.  Unless you have a problem sticking to a schedule.  Running late for the bus?  Did it pull away before you got there?  Oh boy, you are really late now!  Call an Uber or a taxi.  You will still wait.  It sure would be convenient to hop in your car and drive yourself!  But people die in those things!  90 people a day! Who needs freedom when you can ride in the cheap safety of a public bus?  Ignore the guy passed out across from you possibly soiling himself. Try not to make eye contact with the panhandlers.  Just remember you are safe from all those people who should not be driving.  Ahhh safety.  Until your bus driver gets distracted, of crazy person punches you 5 year old in the face. But what are the chances THAT would happen?

Everything has risk.  Are we going to use each bad thing that happens as a reason to give up our freedom?  Not just to the government, but to ideas.  When you read of a senseless murder in Chicago, do you refuse to leave your house in Denver?  When you see a plane crash in Germany, do you cancel your vacation plans?  When you read about a church bus hitting a semi, do you refuse to go on a mission trip?  

I watched the local March for Our Lives here in Joplin. I saw speakers from local high schools cry about being more afraid everyday that they would be shot at school. I felt bad for them.  No because I agree that they should be afraid.  I felt bad that we are letting our kids be led by the nose to be afraid of what might happen. Yet fearless about what is probable to happen.  Car accidents in all their forms (DUI, speeding, cell phone use, etc).  Suicide and drug overdoses kill more 15-24 year olds each year than other "news worthy" causes.  Should we be aware of school shootings?  Absolutely.  We should also be aware of fire, tornados, floods, hurricanes, earth quakes, bad drivers, knife attacks, bullying, suicidal thoughts and the odd guy that hangs out around the school even though he graduated 8 years ago.  But, are we going to let each of these dictate what other people can and can not do?  People who follow the law, drive safe and have never attacked anyone with a knife?

What kid of disservice are we committing with our children that allows them to grow up willing to give up freedoms to the cause of the day?  More so, what are we teaching them about freedom vs security?  

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."  - Ben Franklin

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