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Lifestyle, hobby or something else?

After yesterday's podcast I kept thinking out time, optimism and preparedness.   To many people preppers are pessimistic nay sayers that are constantly forecasting the end of the world. Or at least the worst case scenario for the world.

So I have been thinking about preparedness as a mind set. In one of my earlier blogs I commented on prepper websites and their use of tabloid style news to get eyes on their pages. From the comment sections I tend to picture the average reader of those sites to be a 50+ year old man who may live in a house with a white noise generator, tin foil on the windows, way too many Confederate flags and a lack of proper hygiene.  But perhaps I am over analyzing.

One thing is apparent. These guys see doom and disaster around every corner.

How much time do you spend on preparedness?  1 hour a week?  1 hour a day?  Maybe an extra 15 minutes at the grocery store picking up some items with a long shelf-life? Is it a priority?  Or is it something you do when you …

Are you willing to let the government protect you?

I think the thing that makes preppers so odd or different than "normal" society is that most preppers believe in self-sufficiency.  This is becoming more and more rare. As a society we seem to be loosing the ability or desire to take care of ourselves and those around us.

Some want the government to take care of their feelings, retirement, even income.

Here in Missouri we have a State Rep by name ofJim Neely (R-Cameron).  He wants to block porn from everyone's computers and internet connected devices.  For the children of course.  It's always "For the children".

"The bill says a distributor who makes or sells a product that is accessible to the internet, like a phone or a computer would be required to install a blocking software that would prevent the device from accessing obscene material.
Neely says it would apply to all porn. A person could have the bl…

High Pressure Sales

I hate buying cars.  Actually, hate is not a strong enough word for what I feel. I LOATH buying cars.  It is no surprise to my wife and friends that I am a germaphobe.  However, I would gladly stick my hands in stagnant sewer water and fish around for a missing Tootsie Roll than deal with a car salesman.

This is not based on fear or nerves.  I have good enough credit that financing a vehicle is not a problem.  I make enough money that I don't worry about the payments.

I just real hate the hard sell.

I am a believer that if something is good, it will sell itself.  At one time I sold auto services for the now defunct Montgomery Wards.  We were to push tires, and everything that went with them.  I hated selling junk just to make a quota or to get a bonus.  We were offered bonuses for different tires every month or so. Sometimes these were for great tires, with long life and good tread ratings.  Other times they were for crappy tires that they just wanted to get rid of.   It pained me…

Preppers and the media

Preppers have a tendency to distrust the main stream media or just the media in general.
Some say it is because they are controlled by the government, shadow government, the illuminati, George Soros, the military industrial complex, the list goes on and on.

I distrust the media for two reasons.  1. I worked in TV news and you could say, I know how the sausage is made.  2.  It is very hard for people who believe in preparedness to get a fair shake in the news.  Why is that?  Because most of us either don't look to be interviewed, or we are too mundane to hold a reporters interest.  Having worked in the media, I know there is a reason for this.  Laziness, that's right I said it.  Reporters for the most part are either lazy or in a rush for a deadline. Sometimes, both.

I have recorded many interviews with nut jobs, not because they new more, but simply because they were willing to talk.  Why look for a truly concerned citizen when Billy meth head will tell you how the lead in the…

Rule of 2

The Rule of 2:  2 is 1 and 1 is none.

Most of us are familiar with the rule of 2.  However does it literally mean 2?  Do we really want to load our get home bag with 2 of everything?  2 mess kits, 2 wool blankets (which I can attest are really heavy if they are as big as the one I carry) or 2 AR-15 pistols?

I don't think so.  So how do we conform to the rule of 2?  In my case I am a fan of tools that do more than one thing.  Now, when I worked in auto parts we had a saying, "Universal means it does not fit anything correctly."  And for the most part I still believe that. I have purchased more cell phone holders for my truck than I will ever admit.   Each one proved to be a flimsy piece of junk that was not worth the money it took to ship it from China.

Now there are somethings that do multiple jobs adequately.  Leatherman multi-tools are great for in a pinch repairs.  Are they the best tool? Probably not, or we would see handymen everywhere sell they tools boxes and work…

Prepping: Return on Investment

Wow, it is has been a long time since I have updated this!  So here we go!

I've been thinking about investing. Not just money, but everything we have.

What is prepping to you?  Is it building a bunker in the mountains?  Is it making sure that you have provisions to survive an unexpected car breakdown in a snow storm?  A pantry full of food?
Or a off the grid homestead in far removed from large cities and building codes?

Each of us has a level.  A level that is dictated by, time, money, resources, skill and desire.

In the end I think it comes down to return on investment.  Usually this term is used in investing.  If I back this business idea, mutual fund, movie, etc what am I getting in return?

I think it is applicable to prepping as well.  Are you willing or able to spend the money, time, work on  land, upgrades, stocking, rotating supplies for a major catastrophe?   Or are you more prone to put a bug out bag together and take your chances in the wilderness?  Maybe you are intendi…