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Episode 7 is Up!

This show we speak with Dr Trisha Hefley with Midwest Veterinary Clinic about prepping for family pets.
Hello again! Jeff here. I was just putting the finishing touches on episode 6 where we are discussing mass casualty events. A few weeks back I posted a short post about why I am a prepper. Episode 6 really got me to thinking on that subject again. I take back and change nothing from my previous post, but I would like to add a bit to it. My previous post was very family centric. As I am very family centric. However, being a prepper is not all about family, friends and self. If a catastrophe hits, and we are prepared with food, water, heat and shelter for our family, that frees up resources for those that don't. For a second let's pretend that everyone is a prepper. To the point that prepper is not even a term, because it is the equivalent of saying everyone is a breather. It's just something that people do, not out of drive or fear, but because it is part of survival. Now, let's pretend a tornado, flood or other devastating occurrence happens. And it destroys everythin…