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Episode 7 is Up!

This show we speak with Dr Trisha Hefley with Midwest Veterinary Clinic about prepping for family pets.
Hello again! Jeff here. I was just putting the finishing touches on episode 6 where we are discussing mass casualty events. A few weeks back I posted a short post about why I am a prepper. Episode 6 really got me to thinking on that subject again. I take back and change nothing from my previous post, but I would like to add a bit to it. My previous post was very family centric. As I am very family centric. However, being a prepper is not all about family, friends and self. If a catastrophe hits, and we are prepared with food, water, heat and shelter for our family, that frees up resources for those that don't. For a second let's pretend that everyone is a prepper. To the point that prepper is not even a term, because it is the equivalent of saying everyone is a breather. It's just something that people do, not out of drive or fear, but because it is part of survival. Now, let's pretend a tornado, flood or other devastating occurrence happens. And it destroys everythin…
Episode 3 is now available!

Jeff and Jesse offer up scenarios pertaining to the question of "Bug in or bug out?"

Both worked on a scenario that the other was unaware of until the podcast.  Take a listen to their ideas and theories and contribute to the discussion on Facebook! 

The 2nd episode is now available!

Jeff and Jesse discuss prepping on a budget.  Topics include purchasing MRE's, places to find deals and more.

You can listen at the link below:
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J2cast now and future

Welcome to the first post to the J2cast blog!

It is our intention to being you an outlet to share ideas, get answers to questions and find others that can learn from you as you learn from them

We look forward to your input and ideas.

Our first podcast is the J2cast Prepper Podcast where we will look at needs, techniques, ideas and even try to address some misconceptions in the prepper community,

Look for the first podcast release soon!